WHO Prequalified Vaccines: What it means and why we need to know about it

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WHO Prequalified Vaccines - what it means and why we need to know about it | Baby & Beyond

Recently there has been a lot of debate amongst parents about vaccinations – which vaccines are really required, which names can be trusted, what side effects they come with and so on. I am part of several mom-help groups on Facebook and WhatsApp and most of them have been abuzz with these discussions.

A few days ago, a new mom on one of these WhatsApp groups inquired about a combination vaccine which was recommended by her pediatrician. She was concerned about the safety and efficacy of this vaccine. One of the other moms suggested checking whether this vaccine is included in the WHO list of prequalified vaccines and since it was included, the general consensus in the group was that it was safe to proceed with this vaccine.

The term ‘WHO prequalified vaccines’ was new to me, so I did some research and found out how absolutely critical it is to be aware of this, which is why I am sharing this information with you all.

Here is what I learnt:

WHO Prequalified Vaccines - what it means and why we need to know about it | Baby & Beyond

WHO prequalified vaccines:

The WHO prequalification programme has been in existence for over 30 years and aims to ensure that vaccines used globally in immunization programmes are safe and effective. The process of qualification itself is comprehensive and transparent.
The standardized assessment procedure includes:

  • Site audits of the manufacturing facilities conducted by WHO
  • Review of the production process
  • Review of quality control measures used
  • Laboratory tests

In addition to this, once a vaccine has been prequalified, the WHO conducts a periodic reassessment as well, to ensure that the manufacturer consistently complies with WHO’s standards. This also includes random testing of shipped vaccines as well as investigating any complaints that come up after administering the vaccine.

Why does WHO prequalification matter:

As a new mom, I was always overwhelmed with the number of vaccines and the medical jargon associated with each of them. As we all know, the WHO is the foremost authority of international health globally, so the fact that a vaccine has passed through WHO’s stringent testing and continues to comply with the WHO global standards of quality, safety and efficacy gives me immense comfort as a mom.

I hope you found this information useful and will feel more in control about your baby’s immunization.

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Reference: World Health Organization

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