14 Mom Life Memes that Perfectly Sum Up the Joys & Struggles of Motherhood

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14 Mom Life Memes that Perfectly Sum Up the Joys & Struggles of Motherhood | Baby & Beyond

Mom life is like no other. Along with the joys of cradling that delightful little baby in your arms come the struggles of raising that boss baby. No one understands the term “emotional roller coaster” better than a mom.

I’m no comedian, but mom life has brought out my funny side. Here are my top 14 mom life memes that perfectly sum up this beautifully complex life of a mom.


14 Mom Life Memes that Perfectly Sum Up the Joys & Struggles of Motherhood | Baby & Beyond

14 Mom Life Memes that Perfectly Sum Up the Joys & Struggles of Motherhood | Baby & Beyond


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1. Planning completely goes out the window when you become a mom. The one morning I wake up charged up, ready to take on the world and my never-ending to-do list is always be the same morning that my baby boy wakes up grumpy, refuses to go to school, resists naps and pees all over the furniture.


2. Speaking of plans, you can forget about schedules too. Motherhood is basically about being at the mercy of a fickle-minded minion.


3. You see, I’m not kidding about the fickle-mindedness

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N had his flu vaccine today so I wanted to make something nice for him when we got home. . Me: N do you want to have a banana smoothie today? N: Yessssss…banana smoothiiieee . Me: *realising we are out of bananas. Damn! I should have checked that before committing* Me: N how about we have apple smoothie instead? N: NOOOO. I want banana smoothie, banana smoothie, banana smoothiiieee . Me: *feeling bad about his vaccine, don't want to disappoint him further. Call for bananas, wait eagerly by the window, rush down to collect them as soon as hey arrive to save time* All this while, N is screaming "banana smoothie, banana smoothie, banana smoothiiieee" on repeat. . I finally manage to whip up a delicious banana smoothie and present it to him. He takes one sip. N: What is this?? Me: err…banana smoothie? N: arre why did you put banana in my smoothie??!!!? Me: *facepalm* . . #truestory #toddlerlife #toddlermomlife #funnybuttrue #funnybutnotfunny #mamahood #mamatribe #mycandidlife #facepalm #toddlertantrums #motherhood #candidmotherhood

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4. Plans and schedules seem like distant dreams when a mom can’t even do her business without the minion banging on the door going “mamma…mamma…mamma” every 3 seconds.


5. Thank God for new episodes of Peppa Pig so that I can at least get 5 whole minutes to myself.


6. Or not!


7. The good thing is that motherhood helps you appreciate the smaller joys in life…like a leisurely shower or a cup of tea


8. Exercise gets a whole new meaning when you are a new mom


9. So does “TGIF”


10. Remember those good old days when a ‘party’ meant getting all dressed up, not leaving home before 10pm and dancing the night away? Yup, I don’t either.


11. And when you finally do make it out of the house, you can’t help shake the feeling that you are kinda old!


12. Motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions. Try explaining this to any sane, rational non-mom


13. You know you are a mom when…

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You know you are a mom when you have used baby wipes for at least one of the below, other than changing diapers of course! ▶ cleaning the car / car seat ▶ wiping toys ▶ spot cleaning / dusting furniture ▶ wiping your hands / kid's hands before a meal ▶ removing makeup ▶ cleaning a bag ▶ wiping your laptop / phone / other electronics ▶ 'sanitizing' a surface before your kid sits on it ▶ wiping a chalkboard or white board ▶ cleaning your shoes ▶ keeping your toddler engaged (just give them a pack of wipes and you'll be free for a while. Trust me, it works!) . Honestly, baby wet wipes are our secret weapon for just about anything right? What are some of the unusual ways in which you have used baby wipes? . . #momlife #babywipes #wetwipes #legitmomstyle #thisismotherhood #modernmom #momlifebelike #youknowyouareamomwhen

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14. But the real fun begins when they start to talk!


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