Top 11 Essentials to Pack in Your Summer Bag

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Top 11 essentials to pack in your summer bag | Baby & Beyond

Its only March but mercury levels are already soaring across the country. Time to bring out those tank tops and cotton dresses. And just like our wardrobe, our day bags and handbags too need to be revamped to suit the season. Barring some year-round essentials such as wallet, mobile phone, hand sanitizer etc., there are some must-have items you should not leave home without this season. Here is a list of the top 11 essentials to pack in your summer bag:


1. Sunscreen:

It is absolutely essential to apply your sunscreen 30 mins before you step out into the sun. But that doesn’t mean that you should leave it behind at home. The best way to protect your skin from the harsh sun is to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours, especially if you are going to be out for long and hence this is one of the top essentials for your summer bag.


2. Sunglasses:

You’ve taken care of your skin, now its time to protect your eyes. For most of us, sunglasses are our go-to item for our summer bag. While looking for fashionable sunglasses that suit your face, don’t forget to check the label to ensure that it will also protect your eyes from ultraviolet light and other kinds of natural radiation.


3. Lip Balm with SPF:

Just like your skin and eyes, your lips need protection from the harmful rays of the sun too. Choose a conditioning lip balm that keeps your lips moisturized while also offering  broad spectrum sun protection.


4. Bottle of Water:

While keeping your body moisturized from the outside, don’t forget that it is equally important to keep your body hydrated on the inside too. Never leave home without a bottle of water. In fact you can also carry a bottle of mineral water that hydrates the body while also restoring electrolyte balance, so you won’t feel drained out by the heat. Waiakea Volcanic water is one such brand having electrolyte-rich mineral water.


5. Snack:

Being out in the sun can make you feel fatigued and lethargic. Carry along a small snack (a fruit, dry fruits, energy bars, trail mix, etc.) that can provide a quick energy boost.

Top 11 essentials to pack in your summer bag | Baby & Beyond

Top 11 essentials to pack in your summer bag | Baby & Beyond



6. Wet Wipes:

A long day in the sun can cause your face to get sweaty and sticky. Wet wipes or facial wipes are just the thing you need to refresh your face on the go.


7. Deodorant:

Speaking of sweat, perspiration is bound to occur on a hot summer day. Carry a small bottle of deodorant to stay fresh and keep the bad odour at bay.


8. Scarf:

A scarf is a multi-purpose accessory that can be used to protect your hair, neck or face from the sun as required. It also adds a touch of colour and style to any outfit.


9. Hair-tie, Pins and Hairbrush:

If you have wavy, curly hair or frizzy like I do, you know how a hot, humid day can wreak havoc on your hair. I always carry a hair-tie and pins with me to keep the hair tamed while traveling out in the sun. Once I reach my destination, I can open out my hair and set it again using the hairbrush.


10. Mosquito Repellent:

Summer months see a spike in mosquitoes, especially in hot and humid regions. Never leave home without the mosquito repellent of your choice (spray / roll-on / tube / patch) handy in your bag.


11. Compact:

We all know how sweat can leave the skin looking glistening. A quick touch up with powder compact can tone down the sheen and make your face look fresh.


So what are some of the essentials in your summer bag? Let me know in the comments section below.

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