Top Blog Posts of 2016

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Baby & Beyond - Top Blog Posts of 2016

As we move into 2017, I can’t help but reflect on the year gone by. 2016 has been the most exciting, intense, profound and emotional year of my life. Becoming a mother, starting a blog and launching a business, all in one grand year. Through it all, it’s been great to be able to share my thoughts, feelings, learnings and small and big milestones with you all through this blog. I hope to continue doing so in the coming years. I can’t thank you enough for being part of this amazing journey with us and and I hope you keep coming back for more.

But for now, it is time to look back at some of our most popular, top blog posts this year. From breastfeeding to cloth diapering, heartfelt letters to things we couldn’t live without…here is everything that was trending on Baby & Beyond in 2016. Reread the ones you loved, catch up on the ones you missed and don’t forget to let me know which your favourites were.


A Letter to My 6 Month Old Baby

Letter to my 6 month old baby

A major milestone and a very emotional one. For the first 6 months, feeding Baby N was a special bond that only I shared with him. As he started solids, it almost felt like I was sending him out for his first big step into the world. I’m not surprised that has been the most popular post so far. I usually take 2-3 edits to write a post, but this one flowed right from the heart. In half an hour it was published and already getting likes.

Breastfeeding Fact #2: Its not always about Hunger

World Breastfeeding Week Fact #2

I’m so glad this post became as popular as it did. It is so important to know this. Nursing mothers – if you feel like your baby is nursing all the time or if you keep hearing that your milk is not enough / thick enough / filling enough, you *need* to read this. Nursing is as much about nurturing as it is about nutrition.

14 Reasons I Started Cloth Diapering

14 reasons for cloth diapering

People still ask me why I bother with cloth diapers. When most people think of cloth diapers, they think of the simple, thin pieces of square muslin that our grandmothers and mothers used, held in place with a huge, scary pin. Diapers had to be changed after every hour along with the baby’s clothes, swaddle, bedsheet and anything else that might have gotten wet along with it. But the humble ‘langot’ has come a long way since then. Modern cloth diapers are not only convenient, but a lot of fun too! Here is a list of 14 reasons I started cloth diapering.

The Ultimate Cloth Diapering Dictionary

Ultimate Cloth Diapering Dictionary

Believe me when I tell you, cloth diapering moms have their own lingo. If you are a newbie in this world, you have likely been flummoxed by terms such as prefold vs fitted, microsuede vs microfiber, all-in-one vs all-in-two etc. When I was starting out my CD journey, I had a hard time figuring it all out and was constantly Googling everything. So here I tried to make life a little simpler for fellow newbies by consolidating a list of all the terms I have come across.

Few of Our Favourite Things – 6 Months

Few of Our Favourite Things – 6 Months

Having a baby fills your house with a ton of stuff…some good, some bad and some downright unnecessary! I started this series of posts to share the things that we are liking each month, as our baby grows. They may be things which are useful and have made our life easier, those which are fun and Baby N has been enjoying, or just stuff that is too cute not to share. Here’s a list of everything we loved in our 6th month.

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