16 Return-to-Work Programs for Women on a Career Break in India

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16 Return-to-Work programs for women on a career break in India - Baby & Beyond

I recently returned to a full-time corporate role after a 3 year break. Though I was blogging and working part-time during those 3 years, going back to a full-time job was not easy. Though almost every company in India today talks about diversity and inclusiveness, not many actually have a structured program to guide women on their journey back to the workforce. When I started to look around with my resume in hand, I realized that many doors closed on me when they saw the most dreaded “career break”.

A research I came across by The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy states that an alarming 2.4 million women dropped out of the workforce in 2017 due to factors such as family pressures, wage disparity maternity, relocation, caring for elders etc. This kind of a number can have far reaching social and economic impacts on our country.

That is why it is heartening to see that at least some of the largest brand names in India are taking serious measures not only to bring women back to the workforce, but also to make the transition smooth for them.

Return-to-work or returnee programs are designed to gradually ease women back into the workforce. They are offered training programs to reskill themselves, opportunities to work on live projects, interactions with mentors and the possibility to take on a full-time role as well.

Listed below are some of the leading return-to-work programs for women in India:

16 Return-to-Work programs for women on a career break in India - Baby & Beyond
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16 Return-to-Work programs for women on a career break in India – Baby & Beyond

1. Tata Group – Second Careers, Inspiring Possibilities:

Tata Second Careers is a platform that enables women who have taken a career break to return to the corporate world on their terms. The platform offers a plethora of job opportunities from across Tata Group companies and women can choose opportunities that suit their schedule – full-time, part-time, project-based on consulting assignments.

2. SAP – Back-to-Work:

SAP’s Back-to-Work program aims to support professionals on a break who are looking to re-enter the workforce. The program offers project-based assignments and practical assistance to those who are keen to be a part of SAP.

3. Northern Trust – Women Career Restart – NOS Returnee Program:

This initiative is for women professionals who have taken a career break of 2+ years. The program has a 2-week foundation structure to get women back up to speed with  the current environment, technology and skills.

4. Target – Back on Target:

This is a 12-16 weeks internship program for women returnees. Eligible interns will receive industry-standard stipends, day care reimbursements, and food and transport facilities.

5. Godrej – Careers 2.0:

Women with professional experience who have taken a career break of 6 months or more can apply for this program. Projects vary from 3-6 months and can be part-time or full time. These are live business projects across sectors in various divisions of Godrej.

6. IBM – Tech Re-entry Program:

IBM’s Tech Re-Entry Program is for technical professionals who are on a career break and are looking to restart their careers. The program enables women to work on projects that match their expertise while updating their skills and could lead to full-time employment.

7. Amazon – Rekindle:

Rekindle is an initiative to provide a launch pad to women who have taken a break in their careers. Through this program, Amazon aims to provide opportunities and support women to reintegrate and resume their corporate career. 

8. Accenture – Career Reboot:

Career Reboot is a unique approach that streamlines the transition to a new role within the organization with customized learning interventions over six months. High potential women are connected to a network of senior professionals and the leadership team.

9. PayPal – Recharge:

PayPal India’s six-week program is designed to support women technologists who want to return to work after taking time off to focus their passion or family. 

10. Credit Suisse – Real Returns:

Real Returns is a 12 weeks program during which you will have the opportunity to work on projects that match your skills and expertise, and tap into a support network of like-minded professionals. 

11. Capgemini – CAPtivate:

The program provides exclusive training, mentoring engagements and various platforms for interactions with leaders and fellow participants.

12. Hindustan Unilever – Career by Choice:

It is based on the insight that there is a need for a gradual transition as women on a career break to step back into the working world. You will begin with a structured induction program followed by working on live business projects.

13. Goldman Sachs – Returnship Program:

The 12 week program provides women individuals with an opportunity to strengthen their technical skills, explore a new career path and assess their ability to transition back into the workforce on a full-time basis. 

14. L&T – Renew:

A career renewal initiative for women, Renew is aimed at providing a platform through which women professionals can re-enter the corporate world after a career break.

15. Intuit – Intuit Again:

Intuit Again provides an opportunity for technologists to return to work after taking a break in career. This platform not only gives candidates a chance to work at one of the “Best Companies to Work For” according to Great Places to Work, but it also provides technical and other training to sharpen their professional skills.

16. Genpact – Career 2.0:

This program offers talented and driven women a flexible environment in which to restart their career.

Are you a woman on a career break in India? Are you looking for options to restart your career? Check out these returnee programs and do feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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  1. Nisha said on April 12, 2020 4:57 pm:


    I wants to back for work after my career break, please let me know whenever any program will be start.

    1. Baby & Beyond said on April 27, 2020 9:33 am:

      Hi Nisha. Do check out the links shared in the post. Each program is run by a different organization and may have varying start dates and acceptance criteria. All the best!