Redefining the Way Children Learn Math With Cuemath

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Redefining the way children learn math with Cuemath | Baby & Beyond

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fear of math. It was the most dreaded subject for me right from school till post-graduation. And I am not alone. Various studies have shown that “math phobia” or anxiety towards mathematics is very real. The primary reason for this is the way mathematics is being taught in India, with a focus on rote learning of formulae without understanding the logic behind them. This is further aggravated by the fear of board exams. The end result is that there is a significant gap in learning math across the country.

The fact is that math is not just another subject, but an essential life skill. Each of us uses mathematics every single day, whether we realize it or not – planning household budgets, evaluating personal investments, calculating discounts while shopping, measuring ingredients for recipes – each of these is a form of mathematics. It is such a fundamental part of our daily lives, that it is shocking that so many of us dread doing even these basic calculations. 

What if we could give our children a stronger foundation in mathematics so that they start to enjoy the subject, rather than fear it?

Recently there was a discussion in my society group about an after-school math program called Cuemath. I found the concept interesting so decided to research more about it, to see if it would be right for my son. 

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How is Cuemath different from other math classes and tuitions?

Cuemath was born out of a vision to overcome the challenges of traditional blackboard based teaching of mathematics. Cuemath CEO Manan Khurma believes that a strong math foundation can have a transformative impact on a child’s future and he aims to redefine how Mathematics is taught to young children.

The Cuemath pedagogy does not focus on memorization, but instead encourages children to visualize concepts and arrive at their own models. Rather than rote learning, children develop logical reasoning and understand the depth of each concept. Further they apply these concepts to everyday problems.

The Cuemath team was helpful enough to share some demo videos of their actual sessions with me, so I could see and experience for myself the Cuemath difference. Imagine a basic concept like addition of 2 digit numbers. We were always told that the 10s digit should get carried over and we accepted this without reason, right? But what is the logic behind this? This is what Cuemath teachers explain to students with visualizations, so that they arrive at the logic on their own rather than take it for granted.

Such an approach allows students to work through concepts at their own pace and learn to apply a problem solving mindset to everyday problems.

Cuemath is an after-school math program offered as a mix of online and offline models for students right from Kindergarten to Grade 10. The classes are run by trained and certified Cuemath teachers from premier institutes like IIT & Cambridge University.

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Cuemath Programs:

  1. Grades KG to 8: Offline classes (currently being held live online) incorporating workbooks, puzzles, visual models and tablet-based activities
  2. Grades 1-10: Live, interactive online classes with access to diagnostic tests, mental math apps, exam prep packs and math+coding summer camp
  3. Summer camp: Introduces children to basic coding concepts through puzzles and games

Why Cuemath?

  • 5,000+ centers across India. (Currently with the lockdown, all classes are being held live online on their proprietary learning platform)
  • Curriculum designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge University with over 15 years of experience in teaching math
  • Incorporates course concepts from across all boards – CBSE, ICSE, state and international boards
  • Live, interactive online class, not pre-recorded videos. Two way communication between students and math experts.
  • Empowers children to learn mathematics via reasoning and visualization, rather than memorization of formulae
  • Math is best learnt through practice. Cuemath provides workbooks and exam prep packs based on the child’s grades
  • More attention to each student with smaller batch sizes. Each Cuemath session is limited to a maximum of 6 students so that each student gets personalized attention from the teacher
  • Advanced curriculum entails a customized learning plan for each student supervised by a program manager, to track improvement areas.

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