Simple Precautions to Protect Children from the Flu This Season #IPromisetoStopFlu

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Simple precautions to protect children from flu | Baby & Beyond

Winter has finally arrrived and we can feel the nip in the air. It is my favourite time of the year, but unfortunately it is also the second round of the flu season to hit schools, monsoon being the first.

Someone once told me that schools, especially preschools are ‘germ factories’ which is a little harsh but if you look at the facts, it’s sort of true. At that age kids are too small to understand the importance of covering their mouth when they sneeze. Some kids are in the midst of being toilet trained and accidents are unavoidable. 

Simple precautions to protect children from flu | Baby & Beyond
Simple precautions to protect children from flu | Baby & Beyond

All these factors mean that if there is a sick child in the school, toys, books, furniture and other surfaces would start getting infected. It is physically impossible for the preschool to sanitize everything every day. Other kids would pick up the virus through contact, thereby putting more kids at risk. It is a vicious cycle. The closed air-conditioned environment is more conducive to the virus spreading amongst the children.

I have been talking a lot about this to our pediatrician and to N’s school
teachers to understand what preventive measures we parents can take to
protect children from flu this season and these are a few tips from them:

  1. Get your child and in fact your whole family vaccinated against influenza every year. Remember that you could be a carrier of the virus too and spread it to your child. So it is best to have the whole family vaccinated
  2. Make sure your child washes hands with soap before and after every meal, after playing outdoors, after using the washroom and after returning home from school
  3. Ensure that your child gets enough sleep and rest, even when healthy, because a tired body is more likely to have lower immunity
  4. Serve up more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in Vitamin C, to boost your child’s immunity

If your child happens to have contracted the flu virus, please take these
precautions to curb spreading the virus to other children and protect children from flu:

  1. Teach your child to blow his nose and sneeze into a tissue or handkerchief
  2. If your child is unwell, please don’t send them to school. I was alarmed to learn that influenza can be contagious even a day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after that. In fact, children may pass the virus for longer than 7 days. So now I am more careful about keeping my son at home when he is unwell.
  3. Ensure your child drinks enough water which cleanses the body and flushes out toxins

At my end, #IPromiseToStopFlu. What are some precautions you are taking to protect your child from influenza this season? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Disclaimer: This is a general information post based on my experience and research. This post should not be mistaken for professional medical advice.

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