Our Cloth Diapering Journey

July 17, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cloth Diapering

I started cloth diapering Baby N when he was 2 months old. Our ‘CDing’ journey has been one of research and discovery, trial and error, hits and misses.

Now at 4.5 months I can safely say that we have found our comfort with day-time cloth diapering. We are currently in the trial phase for night-time CDing and soon hopefully we will graduate this phase too and move on to CDing-on-the-go.

CDing does involve some effort in terms of trying out various diapering solutions, finding one that works for you, prepping and pre-washing and washing, bleaching, stripping and what not. There are times when disposables seem so much easier. Cloth diapering takes real commitment. But in the end it is a commitment to your baby, your budget and your environment and I am so happy with the results so far that it has totally been worth my time and effort!

I by no means claim to be an expert in this field. I am the first to admit that CDing is like walking through a maze, the options available are limitless and confusing to newbies. But I have benefited so much from reading about other people’s CDing stories that I felt I should share my experiences too, both successes as well as failures. So follow along as Baby N and I navigate this “fluff” maze!

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