Few of Our Favourite Things – 7 Months

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Few of Our Favourite Things – 7 Months

This post has been long pending. I have been busy with my new venture and been ignoring all the half written posts sitting in my draft folder. We are almost at the end of month 8, but nevertheless, better late than never. So here goes. The 7th month was all about crawling all over the place, trying to stand and exploring different textures (both touch as well as taste). These were a few of our favourites last month:

1. Baby Touch and Feel Animals Book – This is a touch-and-feel book with baby animals and different textures on each page. It was Baby N’s favourite book for a while. No matter what page we are on, Baby N keeps flipping back to the puppy page from time to time to pet the puppy!


2. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Lil Snoopy Pull Along Toy – Baby N is clearly a dog person, just like his dad (and so unlike me!). His favourite toy last month was the pull along puppy “Snoopy” from Fisher-Price. He still hasn’t learnt to pull along himself, but he gets endless joy from watching us pulling it all over the house, with its wiggling head and squeaky little bark.


3. Baby Gap Footed Sleepsuit – I am absolutely in love with this Baby Gap footed sleepsuit. Not only does Baby N look regal while snoozing, the material is super soft and comfy. Though the best feature has to be the zippered closure. With a wriggly baby who tries to crawl away while we’re putting on his clothes, the zip saves us much time and effort!


4. Marvy All-in-Two Diaper from Cloth Diaper Shop India – Our new CD obsession is the marvelous Marvy from Cloth Diaper Shop India. Trim, soft, customizable and long lasting. Watch my review of the Marvy here.


5. Munchkin Soft Tip Spoons These colourful and attractive spoons make meal-time more fun. They are soft and rounded, gentle on baby’s gums as he chomps down on them.



Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a referral commission if you make a purchase using these links. I only recommend products are services that I use and love myself and am in no way compensated for my reviews. Thank you for understanding 🙂

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