Toddler Activities: 8 Things I Do With My Toddler Every Day (and every busy mom can too!)

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Toddler Activities: 8 Things I do with my Toddler Every Day (and every busy mom can too!) - Baby & Beyond

Being a toddler mom can be exhausting as it is! Whether you are a working mom or not, the fact that you are a toddler mom means you are a busy mom.


As one myself, I am often stumped about how to keep my toddler constructively engaged, while getting my work done around the house and also spending quality time with him every day. I often scroll through Pinterest looking at all the fun toddler activities I can do with him, but most of those require supplies and prior preparation. To be honest, I used to be riddled with guilt knowing that I just cannot manage to plan structured activities with my child every day.


Thankfully I realized that as a work-from-home mom, I am lucky to be able to spend quite a lot of time with my child, I just need to make the simple, everyday moments count.


Here are some simple ways I spend quality time with my toddler every day.


1. Read

Reading plays a huge role in improving language and literacy skills, memory, attention span, creativity, imagination. But most importantly for me, books are all about exploring the world and I am happy to see N picking up a love for books just like I have.

When we do it: Before bedtime at night. Every evening after changing into his pyjamas, he picks out books from his bookshelf that he wants to read and we sit and read them together.


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2. Unstructured play

It’s great to plan structured activities and I try to do those at least once a week, but it is just not possible every day. So instead we just sit down for some unstructured play for free play. This is basically child-led play where N picks out toys from his cupboard (sometimes all of them!) and we go with the flow – build block towers, have a pretend doctor’s visit, have a picnic with all our stuffed toys, or just bounce a ball around.

When we do it: I plan all my work such that I have at least 1-2 hours set aside to play with Baby N every evening. This is my dedicated time with him


Toddler Activities: 8 Things I do with my Toddler Every Day (and every busy mom can too!) - Baby & Beyond

Toddler Activities: 8 Things I do with my Toddler Every Day (and every busy mom can too!) – Baby & Beyond


3. Eat at least one meal together as a family

We know that toddlers like to emulate everything they see adults doing, so family mealtime is important for children to pick up table manners and healthy food choices by observing adults. It is also a perfect opportunity to talk about our day, interact and bond with each other.

When we do it: Every day we have at least one meal together, either breakfast or dinner.  


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4. Pick him up from daycare

I admit that this may not be feasible for every mom and I am fortunate to have flexible work timings that allow me this privilege of being able to personally drop off Baby N at daycare and pick him up too. The expression on his face when he sees me through the daycare door when I go to pick him up is priceless. I make a big deal about our reunion, give him a big hug and ask him about his day. The 5 minutes drive from daycare to home gives him a chance to tell me about all the exciting things he has done at daycare. It also helps him cope with the separation anxiety.


5. Cook

No he doesn’t cook with me every day but he sits on the kitchen platform and watches me. He helps out wherever he can with handing me ingredients and mixing them together. He has an innate interest in food and always asks me questions such as “Mamma what are you doing now?” and “What will you put in next?” It is a great way to get kids excited about the food they are going to eat.


6. Chores

Other than cooking, N loves helping out in chores around the house. This is not something I asked him to do but he himself showed an inclination to participate in these chores. He loads the washing machine every morning with me and also helps me hang out the clothes to dry. He brings his little stool over to stand on top and reach the stand. He also helps out with laying the table. This is another great way for busy moms to spend productive time time with their little ones. It also builds the child’s self confidence and lays the foundation for good habits in the future.


7. Tell stories

Just like with reading books, storytelling also encourages language and imagination. I tell Baby N stories in different languages with expressions and actions. He listens attentively and pitches in for the ones he is familiar with.

When we do it: Anytime at all – before bedtime, while doing our chores, during long car rides


8. Listen to music and sing songs

Early exposure to music aids in language development and early math skills (through understanding of beats and rhythms). It’s also just fun to sing and dance along to rhymes isn’t it!

When we do it: Same as with telling stories, we do this any time we get together – during a bath, before bedtime, while doing our chores, during long car rides


How do you spend quality time with your child throughout the day? What are some of the unstructured toddler activities you engage in with your children? Do share in the comments below.

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    1. Love said on May 17, 2018 5:27 pm:

      Beautifully written and the bond between you and Baby N shines through the post. All the best mommy

      1. Baby & Beyond said on May 17, 2018 6:57 pm:

        Thank you!

    2. Lisa Wingerter @ said on May 17, 2018 5:57 pm:

      These are awesome. I do all of these (except the daycare, because I am home with my son) but I make sure to do these all every day. Especially read and sing songs. We aren’t doing 3 year preschool, so I am adding one learning type of activity per day. Even if its just singing the ABC’s or counting objects.

      1. Baby & Beyond said on May 17, 2018 6:57 pm:

        That’s great. My son does a lot of numbers and alphabets at preschool so I try to cover other activities at home