12 Things I Keep in Mind to Ease the Pain and Anxiety of Vaccinations

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12 things I keep in mind to ease the pain and anxiety of vaccinations | Baby & Beyond

I am sure every parent will agree that just the thought of a vaccine is enough to scare you and your kids. The prick itself is painful enough, but the discomfort, soreness, fever and swelling that follow later are terrible for both the child, as well as us parents.

To ease the pain and anxiety of vaccinations for Baby N and for us, here are a few things I always keep in mind:

12 things I keep in mind to ease the pain and anxiety of vaccinations | Baby & Beyond
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12 things I keep in mind to ease the pain and anxiety of vaccinations | Baby & Beyond

At home:

  1. Keep a reminder a couple of days before the vaccination is due so that I am well prepared
  2. Never talk of injections in a negative context. I have heard many parents saying to their kids, “If you do that, the doctor will give you an injection.” This makes the child associate an injection with something negative. Even when N is playing with his doctor set and gives me an injection, I say something positive like “Now I will be strong and healthy!”

At the clinic:

  1. Inform the paediatrician if my son has had a fever, cold, cough, allergic reaction, etc. in the last 2 weeks. In such cases the doctor may recommend postponing the vaccination.
  2. Discuss with the paediatrician regarding the vaccine and possible side effects
  3. Keep a favourite toy or book handy to distract his attention away from the needle and focus on something pleasant
  4. Ever since N turned 2, he has understood and started associating the paediatrician’s clinic with vaccinations. He fusses and cries to go inside. This causes a lot of anxiety for us and we dread vaccinations even before reaching the clinic. To counter this I try to remain calm myself. This is important because children sense our anxiousness and pick up on it. Instead I try talking to N in calming, reassuring tones
  5. If possible, have him sit on my lap, else hold him close or at the very least hold his hand
  6. Once the vaccine is administered, I immediately pick him up and try to comfort him. Till the time N was breastfeeding, that was one of the best ways to soothe him. Also swaddling helped comfort him as well as ensure he kept his hands away from the prick area. Now I find distracting him with toys, books, or stories to be the best way to take his mind off the pain
  7. Ensure that the immunization chart is duly updated with the details of the vaccine and the administration date
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Post vaccination:

  1. Keep emergency medication for fever and ointment for pain / swelling handy in case of any side effects
  2. Apply ice to the prick area to numb the pain, if any
  3. Observe N closely for the next 24-48 hours in case of any swelling, fever, or any other reaction and alert the doctor immediately

Do you have any other tried and tested measures to ease the pain and anxiety of vaccinations? Do let me know in the comments section.

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Disclaimer: This is a general information post based on my experience and research This post should not be mistaken for professional medical advice. 

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