Daddy Does the Babywearing so Mommy can do the Shopping

August 14, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Babywearing

Daddy N Babywearing


Happy new members of the Soul family.

This photo is one of many firsts for us. Our first shopping spree as a family of 3. First outing with babywearing and that too the first time Daddy N tried babywearing. First time we took Baby N out on the main road where he was fascinated seeing all the buses, autos and cars. First time for him in a mall too. Father-son enjoyed some great bonding time while mommy got to shop for the first time post baby 🙂

And the highlight of the day was when a sweet lady stopped us on the road to comment how cozy Baby N looks in his carrier 🙂

PS. I was keen on a bright orange or green carrier, but for the first time Daddy N was excited about babywearing so I let him pick and I must say this graphite colour looks so smart on them!



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