Breastfeeding Fact #2: Why do babies need to nurse?

August 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Fact #2

There are days when it seems like Baby N is nursing ALL THE TIME!! Yes, some of these are growth spurts, but when a baby feeds, its not always about nourishment. Breastfeeding is as much about nurturing, as it is about nutrition and nourishment.

In the early days, I often used to complain that Baby N uses me as a pacifier and used to try to unlatch him whenever I felt he wasn’t really gulping milk. Then I read somewhere: “A pacifier attempts to be a substitution for the mother – not the other way around”. This completely changed my perspective to breastfeeding. Now I understand that a baby has needs other than hunger that nursing can fulfill as well and it is a really special feeling knowing this 🙂

Initially Daddy N and I used to track and note Baby N’s feeding times accurate down to the minute. 2 months in, we completely stopped doing that. Babies know best how much they need and when they need it, so we just let Baby N take the lead now!







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