Book review: “7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog” by Dr. Amrita Basu

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Book review: "7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog" by Dr. Amrita Basu

Now this is one book I wish I could have read 2 years ago when I started out blogging!


If I had to summarize in one line, I would say that Dr. Amrita Basu’s book “7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog – Without losing your hair! is the definitive guide to blogging challenges in India.


The author Dr. Amrita Basu is a “Doctor-Mommy-Blogger-Author-Momprenuer” in her own words and I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that she is an expert in the space of blogging challenges. She is an established blogger and not only has she participated in and successfully completed several blogging challenges, she has also co-hosted the Super Blogger Challenge and is the co-founder of Super Blogger Academy.


First Things First: What is a Blogging Challenge?

Blogging Challenges are organized by blogging communities such as Blogchatter. They typically span a week or a month and have specific writing (and reading) goals you need to achieve – such as writing daily or twice a week, depending on the challenge. Some challenges also give you writing prompts.


Blogging challenges are a great way to bring some discipline and fun into blogging. Does that sound contradictory?

The discipline comes from committing to writing a fixed number of posts per week. The fun comes from the writing prompts which challenge you to think outside your comfort zone. I have written my first fictional short story, my first poem, and my first book, all as part of a writing challenge.


Writing can be a lonely process. When you participate in a blogging challenge, you become a part of a community where you support, cheer and understand each other and together work towards your individual goals.


Book review: "7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog" by Dr. Amrita Basu

Book review: “7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog” by Dr. Amrita Basu


About the Book:

I have come across many books to help bloggers – starting a new blog, self-hosting, monetizing, social media, SEO etc. but never one dedicated to blogging challenges.


This book gives you:

  • A list of the most popular annual blogging challenges
  • What are the goals of each challenge
  • Why you should take up the challenge
  • What you can expect from it
  • How it impacted the author’s blogging journey
  • Practical tips on how to complete and excel in each challenge
  • How to make the most of each challenge even after it comes to a close


What I liked:

The author has not only given details about each challenge but what I really liked is that she has shared her own personal experience about how the participating in the challenge benefited her writing. This makes the content more relatable. She has also not minced her words when it comes to talking about how difficult these challenges can be. At one point she writes: “It was suffocating…It was difficult…It was excruciatingly painful to stare at the screen at the end of the day. Will I do it again? Yes I will. It was the best gift I could give myself as a writer. I learned so much.”

Reading these lines, I was taken back to my own experience. it was exactly how I felt when I was participating in A to Z or My Friend Alexa blogging challenges. This is what I liked best about the book, Amrita’s honest first-hand experience.


Who should read this book:

I interact with many bloggers and several of them are not aware of blogging challenges, or they are skeptical that a blogging challenge would be intense and time consuming, but not have much of a long-term impact on their blog.


If you are a blogger in India and looking to take your blog to the next level, I definitely recommend you read this book.



The book is available for free download at: 7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog

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  1. Dr.Amrita Basu said on June 23, 2018 6:14 pm:

    This was a wonderful review of my book Mahak.Glad you liked it

  2. Manpreet said on September 4, 2018 10:50 pm:

    A wonderful book review. I should read this book… I am terrible at keeping up with blogging challenges… but I try.