Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym: Review

July 28, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Toys, Books, Activities

Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym

When we were making our shopping list before Baby N was born, we had decided against buying a play gym, assuming that the baby would get bored of it soon and grow out of it fast. Then we ended up getting the Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym as a gift at our baby shower and boy were we wrong!

Baby N LOVES it. He spends hours in it every day and has been doing so since he was less than a month old. He has achieved so many milestones on it – stretching his legs out to kick the toys, reaching out for them with his hands, co-ordinating hand-eye movement to bat and then grasp them and now he can even pull them down and tries to mouth them! Now at almost 5 months old, he enjoys lying down on the soft mat on his tummy as well.

My first thought on seeing this play gym was that had only 2 key colours with 5 simple soft toys, whereas some of the other play gyms I have seen are quite colourful and have elaborate rattles, mirrors, animals, musical toys and what not hanging above. However I later realized that it is probably this design that made Baby N so comfortable from so early on. Babies at that age can get confused and tired very fast with too much sensory overload. Plus they cannot see colours well anyway, only distinguish contrast. That would explain why he enjoyed playing in this play gym even when he probably couldn’t discern the shapes and colours. Now that he’s grown up a bit, we often replace the soft toys with some of his other rattles.


Babyhug Twist N Fold Move N Play Activity Gym
Note: These rattles do not come with the play gym

Age Group: 

Product information suggests from 3 months onwards till baby starts crawling and then later it can be used as a mat once baby starts sitting. As I mentioned, we started using it much earlier on by keeping a foam mat under it and resting his head on a baby pillow. Of course use your discretion and ensure an adult is around to supervise baby’s movements.



Rs. 975



Approximately 90 x 65 cm


What I like:

  • Soft and comfortable plush fabric
  • Foldable and compact for storage or for carrying with you
  • Bright contrasting colours which attract the baby from a very early age
  • Soft stuffed toys which I don’t mind Baby N grasping, pulling and mouthing
  • Encourages hand-eye co-ordination, kicking, batting and grasping
  • Encourages independent play from a very early age which is known to aid development of independence and self-confidence in toddlers


What I don’t like:

  • The center toy makes a lovely jingling bell sound so usually Baby N is attracted only to that one. It would have been nice to have some sound from the other 4 toys as well
  • After A LOT of rough use over 4 months, the center ball is now showing some signs of wear and tear with a little of the stuffing peeping out


To sum it up: 

We completely love this product and definitely a big thumbs up from Baby N and me.


(Review here is for “Sunflower” design. Most of these points would hold true for “Bunny”, “Clown”, “Penguin”, “ABC 123” and other designs as well).

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