7 Features to Look for While Choosing a Cradle for your Baby

January 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Mother & Baby Care

7 Features to Look for While Choosing a Baby Cradle - Baby & Beyond

Though I am a co-sleeping parent, I always preferred to have Baby N sleeping in his own baby bed close to me by my bedside, rather than a bed-sharing arrangement. Since my husband and I are light sleepers, this was a personal choice so that all 3 of us could have our own space and sleep soundly, while at the same time Baby N always knew that I was close to him whenever he needed me and I always had him just an arm’s reach away from me.


We chose to have him sleep in a baby cradle (bassinet) first and then graduated him to a crib at around 5 months once he outgrew the cradle. I used to bring him to our bed for feeds and then once he was asleep, place him back in his own cradle / crib.


Many parents have asked me the secret to getting the baby to sleep in his own baby crib or baby jhula and in fact the choice of bed itself is one of the most important factors. It needs to be safe, comfortable and convenient. Here are the key factors we had considered while choosing a cradle for our baby.


1. Safety First:

The most important factor to consider while choosing any baby gear is safety. Look out for a cradle that is certified and complies with international safety standards.


2. Firm and Fitted Bedding:

Evaluate the bedding of the cradle. The mattress should be firm, not soft. A soft, fluffy or padded mattress can pose the risk of suffocation as the baby sinks into it. There should be no gap between the mattress and the edge of the cradlewhere the baby can get trapped. A U-pillow is usually recommended for supporting and shaping a new-born baby’s head. Again prefer a fitted pillow so that the baby cannot pull the pillow over its face and risk suffocation.

R For Rabbit Lullabies Auto Swing Baby Cradle - Baby & Beyond

Opt for a cradle that has firm and fitted bedding with no gaps and no unnecessary padding, ruffles, loose sheets etc.


3. Age and Weight Restrictions:

This is another important safety feature to consider. Be aware of the specific weight limit which can be supported by the stands and the mattress. Most cradles can be used till the baby is about 4-5 months old based on baby’s weight and height, so keep this in mind while choosing a cradle.


4. Swing and Lock:

We all know that babies love to be rocked to sleep, so having a cradle that features a gentle rocking / swinging motion is a big plus for me. I myself had a manual cradle when Baby N was small, so I used to stay up at night swinging it till I was certain he was peacefully asleep. There are options available now with an automated swing function with speed control and even a timer so that you can choose when you want the swinging to turn off. Make sure to check that the swinging motion is gentle and not too jerky.

However be aware that the swinging feature can pose serious risk once the baby starts moving around and rolling over, so if you decide to go for this feature, ensure that it comes with a lock option as well so that you can use the cradle in stationary mode when you do not want it to swing.


R For Rabbit Lullabies Auto Swing Baby Cradle - Baby & Beyond

The R for Rabbit Lullabies Auto Swing Cradle comes with a very gentle, automatic swing mechanism with 5 speed control, timer and swing lock features


5. Sturdy Support Structure:

You need to check that the stands are sturdy and come with anti-tripping base so that the cradle can be securely placed in position. This is especially important if you have pets in the house who may accidentally tip the cradle over. You may also want to check the height of the support as in my case, it was convenient to have it slightly lower than my own bed so that I could keep an eye on my baby at any time through the night without having to get up every time.


6. Fitted Mosquito Net:

This is a very important feature to have especially in India. Of course you can always use an umbrella-style mosquito net that is readily available in the market, but I found those to be flimsy (even my 4 month old could simply kick it off) and not very effective because there were gaps around the fringesat the bottom. If the cradle comes along with a fitted mosquito net, that is definitely a safer and more effective option.


7. Portability and Ease of Installation:

Since I used to spend time between my parents’ place and my own home, but I also wanted my baby to have the comfort and familiarity of his own bed at both places, the portability and ease of installation of the cradle were very important to me. Look for a cradle that is lightweight (without compromising on sturdiness), foldable and quick and easy to install on your own. Ideally the parts should just snap into place (similar to a folding stroller). Best avoid anything that requires loose screws, nails etc. because that would make it difficult, time-consuming and even a single lost piece could mean that the cradle will not be as safe and sturdy as required.

R For Rabbit Lullabies Auto Swing Baby Cradle - Baby & Beyond

R For Rabbit Lullabies Auto Swing Baby Cradle - Baby & Beyond

Look for a cradle that is portable and easy to install. The R for Rabbit Lullabies cradle can be folded down flat and can be easily installed within minutes by snapping the parts together


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the views expressed here are my own.

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  1. Neha Tambe said on January 11, 2018 4:44 pm:

    These are some important points to think of while choosing a baby bed. We need to look for features rather than just brand name

  2. Salma Mehajabeen said on January 12, 2018 10:31 am:

    Very important pointers you have covered. Will help mommies who are in need.

  3. Renu Vashishta said on January 14, 2018 11:57 am:

    Very helpful for new Moms.

  4. Kamana@SocialandStyle said on January 14, 2018 7:08 pm:

    Such a helpful post for a new mom! Love al the points and detail

  5. Deepa said on January 14, 2018 11:34 pm:

    I think first and foremost it should be sturdy and comfortable for a baby. Your post reminded me of the time when my girls were small.

  6. Shipra Trivedi said on January 15, 2018 10:27 am:

    Very important topic. New parents often get influenced by colourful, cute printed cradles. But before buying it for the little one, all these points should be taken into consideration.

  7. anupriya said on January 15, 2018 11:09 am:

    I have used a crib instead for my kids. The idea of the craddle going swinging just wasn’t comfortable enough. Yet, you have provided an extremely balanced view of what is look for and what not. A very helpful post for new moms.

  8. Roopika said on January 16, 2018 2:49 am:

    We have always picked products that meet global safety standards as I feel that’s the most important factor that must be considered while buying any baby gear. R for Rabbit is our Go-to brand for stuff since we had babies. Now they have progressed to tricycles and are totally in love with their R for Rabbit tricycles!

  9. Kinshoo Agrawal said on January 19, 2018 2:47 am:

    I am a cosleeping parent too. However you have mentioned some very important points.

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