14 Reasons I Started Cloth Diapering

July 21, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cloth Diapering

14 reasons for cloth diapering

When most people think of cloth diapers, they think of the simple, thin pieces of square muslin that our grandmothers and mothers used, held in place with a huge, scary pin. Diapers had to be changed after every hour along with the baby’s clothes, swaddle, bedsheet and anything else that might have gotten wet along with it. But the humble ‘langot’ has come a long way since then. Modern cloth diapers are not only convenient, but a lot of fun too! Here is a list of 14 reasons I started cloth diapering:

  1. It is good for my baby’s sensitive skin, with reduced exposure to the harsh chemicals in the disposable diapers
  2. It is more budget-friendly than using disposables. The same CDs can last you from birth till toilet training
  3. Especially for baby boys, studies have proven that it is a safer and healthier option
  4. It is good for the environment. Less plastic and human waste sitting in landfills
  5. There is such an amazing variety of super cute prints available
  6. I don’t need to worry about applying diaper rash creams, further reducing chemicals touching my baby’s body
  7. I am a Shark Tank nerd and am always looking to try products showcased in the Tank
  8. When worn correctly and adjusted for fit, cloth diapers can actually contain poop better than disposables can. Up-the-back pooplosions have significantly reduced since we swtiched to cloth
  9. There is a theory that cloth diapered babies get toilet trained earlier and faster because they understand the difference between feeling dry and wet
  10. Cloth diapering has introduced me to a fabulous community of moms across the globe who share my interest in ‘natural parenting’
  11. Did I mention the amazingly cute prints? 🙂
  12. I can adjust absorbency as per my requirement, 2-3 light and cool layers during the day, 6 or more layers at night
  13. With the right fit and absorbency, I don’t even need to change diapers in the middle of the night unless Baby N poops. With disposables we were changing once, sometimes even twice at night
  14. Seriously, I’m not kidding about the prints!!

P.S. I still do use the ‘archaic’ langot and love it for day time. I just jazz it up with a waterproof diaper cover that looks great and saves me loads of unnecessary laundry as well 🙂

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