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Baby & Beyond Mommy Blogger

Hi, I’m Mommy Blogger Mahak!

I am a cloth diapering, babywearing, lactivisim advocating, gentle parenting, cosleeping, mommy-baby yoga practising, DIYing supermom. Follow me for path-breaking parenting insights, tips and resources.

Haha… just kidding ??

I’m just another confused and overwhelmed first-time-mom storming headfirst into a minefield of pooplosions, 3am feeds, teething, colic, vaccinations and growth spurts. I have to say, most of the times I’m just winging it. Oh, but did I mention, it’s well worth it for every giggle and cuddle!

I have to admit that I have learnt and grown so much since Baby N came into our lives. They say a child gives birth to a mother and I must extend that to add that I don’t think I am raising Baby N, but the other way around. Baby N is ‪#‎raisingaparent‬

Our journey so far has been an emotional roller coaster – sometimes heartwarming and fulfilling, sometimes nerve wracking and hair raising and sometimes a downright roll-on-the-floor laugh riot. Do follow to join Baby N, Daddy N and me, Mommy M, on this rip-roaring, rollicking ride of babyhood and parenthood!