Lovely Board Books Gift Pack: Review

July 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Toys, Books, Activities

lovely board books


Even before Baby N was born, I was not shopping for toys or clothes but for the first set of books I could introduce him to. I was looking for a set of picture books and stumbled upon a great deal on Lovely Board Books Gift Pack by Dreamland Publications. This is a set of 10 board books covering Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Birds, Toys, Vehicles and Food.


lovely board books


I introduced these books to Baby N right from when he turned 1 month old. He probably couldn’t even see the colours well at that age but he loved (and still does!) looking at the pictures and listened intently as I talk about each of them. Yayyy!


lovely board books


Age Group: 

0 – 2 years



Rs. 650, though I bought it during a sale at 50%


Pages per book:

22 including both sides


What I like:

  • The books come in a really cute box with a little handle too. It’s great for gifting and storage. (PS…My box has been through some rough usage. I can assure you that the original packaging comes in much better form 😉 )

lovely board books


  • The first thing that strikes you as soon as you open the box are the bright, shiny covers, all in different colours. These are really attractive and I can see Baby N’s face light up every time I bring one to him
  • Board pages are perfect for his age, he can’t tear or chew them and they are easy to wipe clean
  • Small size, perfect for even babies to reach out and grasp
  • The pictures are lovely – clear and colourful
  • The books are quite exhaustive in coverage. Even I ended up learning a few fruits, vegetables and birds I hadn’t heard of!


lovely board books


What I don’t like:

  • I was surprised that a set of baby books didn’t have a book on shapes and included one on Food instead
  • Some of the words in the Alphabet book have been updated with the times I think 🙄 . I would have liked the classic A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat…S for Sun etc. Here we have B for Banana, C for Cake, J for Juice, M for Melon, S for Sandwich (Subway style sandwich at that!). Come to think of it, I wonder whether all this focus on food is inspired by the new trend of baby-led weaning! 😛


To sum it up: 

This is a wonderful buy to introduce babies to pictures, words and books in general. Its also great for gifting. A big thumbs up from Baby N and me 🙂