Diary of a Baby – Candid Confessions of a Baby from 0 to 2 years #AtoZChallenge #ThemeReveal

March 19, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Diary of a Baby

Diary of a Baby - Candid Confessions of a Baby from 0 to 2 years #AtoZChallenge #ThemeReveal | Baby & Beyond

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your baby’s mind?

Doctors, scientists and psychologists have been trying for centuries to get a sneak peak into what exactly goes on inside a baby’s brain and are no closer to revealing the truth. Well I am here to not just give you a sneak peak, but a no-holds barred candid confession right from the horse’s…err…baby’s mouth!


But first, a little background. I had started this blog to share the ups and downs of my parenting journey. I am no expert. I am just another confused and overwhelmed first time mom trying to figure it all out along the way. But lately I realized that my entire blog is from my own perspective. The star of the show of course is my baby (now toddler) and he has got no say whatsoever on this platform this far. Well all that is about to change.


A few weeks ago I was decluttering my home before Baby N’s second birthday – read: shoving all his toys into every possible hidden nook and corner so that the guests won’t end up tripping on them and will leave in awe of how clean, organized and Pinterest-worthy my home is.

Anyway I digress. What I was saying was that as I was clearing out some stuff, I came across a treasure trove hidden way back in his toys cupboard. It was a secret diary he has been maintaining ever since he was born. Imagine, every thought that has ever crossed his mind has been documented in this diary. Isn’t that an incredible find!


So what did I do? What any social media-savvy mommy blogger would do of course. I decided to make it public! And the April A-to-Z challenge is the perfect opportunity for this.

So my theme for the A-to-Z challenge is…drumroll please…

Diary of a Baby: Candid confessions of a baby from 0 to 2 years, unedited and uncensored!


atozchallenge theme reveal Baby & Beyond


So folks, stay tuned as I will reveal one page out of my baby’s diary every day all April long. I am sure you will have many “aha” moments when you finally understand what was really going on inside your baby’s mind on all those colicky evenings, or the time he peed all over your new dress, or the time she stayed glued to your lap all night long, or the time he emptied the contents of your makeup kit into the kitchen drawers.


Update: This series is now live. You can find the first post in the series here: A Whole New World – Diary of a Newborn Baby

Or check out the entire series here: Diary of a Baby


Oh by the way, a little bit about the A-to-Z challenge:

The April A-to-Z challenge is an annual, international blogging challenge during which bloggers post for 26 days in April (every day except Sundays), thematically from A to Z. Yes 26 posts in 1 month…I know! Its crazy! I am about to lose whatever little sleep I manage to get as a toddler-mom. Oh April, please be kind to me!


I had followed many of the entries to the A-to-Z challenge last year and waited a whole year for the opportunity to participate myself. Its my first time taking up this challenge, I am a little nervous and really, really excited. Wish me luck and subscribe to my blog to stay updated with all my posts.


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  1. Aesha Shah said on March 19, 2018 4:27 pm:

    This is interesting .. I am excited to read what a baby thinks !!

    1. Baby & Beyond said on March 20, 2018 10:27 am:

      Thanks Aesha. I hope you enjoy reading this series!

  2. Nayantara said on March 19, 2018 4:37 pm:

    OMG looky babyN. So much cool dude attitude. I love the way you have introduced this and it makes me so excited to read. I am sure yours is one post I shall look forward to everyday.

    1. Baby & Beyond said on March 20, 2018 10:26 am:

      Haha yeah its a total “whatchyu lookin’ at” look! Thanks for the support. I hope you enjoy reading this series!

  3. Archana said on March 19, 2018 5:28 pm:

    Wow! What a great theme… it should be fun reading your posts… 🙂

    1. Baby & Beyond said on March 20, 2018 10:27 am:

      Thank you!

    1. Baby & Beyond said on March 20, 2018 8:31 pm:

      Yes you’re right… It is kind of like that isn’t it! Do subscribe to my blog so you get the posts when they are published. Thank you!

  4. Medha Nagur said on March 25, 2018 2:01 pm:

    Love the way you have presented the theme. Baby’s perceptions uncut and unconquered. I guess this is going to be hilarious and may be we could learn a lesson or two when we know what exactly the baby feels like!

    1. Baby & Beyond said on March 25, 2018 2:06 pm:

      That’s the idea…to make it funny yet give parents an understanding of what it must feel like from the baby’s perspective. I hope I’m able to do justice to it!

  5. Random Musings said on March 27, 2018 3:54 am:

    Sounds like a really fun theme!