Big Boy Underwear – A Toilet Training Saga

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Big Boy Underwear - A Toilet Training Saga | Baby & Beyond

This post is part of a series of posts I am writing titled Diary of a Baby chronicling the candid confessions of a baby from 0 to 2 years old.

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Age: 18 months old


Dear Diary,


Do you remember I had mentioned once about the toilet bowl in the washroom? I recently got to know that it isn’t just for swishing and splashing about and throwing keys into. It actually has a purpose. A really weird one. Apparently the adults go pee and poo in it! No, they don’t use diapers like we civilized babies do. They just go freely into the toilet bowl and flush it away into oblivion. And now they want me to do it too!


So last week during my bedtime storytime session, Mamma got this new book called “I Want to Potty”. Seriously. Right after my dinner and before bedtime, I was expected to read a book about poop! She also got me this funny looking seat which has a big hole right where I should be sitting and these cool looking big boy underwear with dinosaurs, sharks and cars.


So here is the deal. Now that I am a big boy, I must ditch diapers and wear underwear instead. For the sake of toilet training, I must also ditch shorts and pants. When I get a call of nature, I need to run to the nearest adult and communicate this to them. They will then help me sit on the baby toilet seat and relieve myself there. And once I do, I will get a sticker for my efforts. 


Today is Day 1 of the toilet training saga and I’ll keep you posted on how its going.

The Toilet Training Saga:


7:30 am: Woke up and was changed from diaper into underwear


8 am: So far so good. I love the light and free feeling of running around in only underwear. What a welcome change! 


9 am: After breakfast, Mamma made me drink a tall glass of water and sit on the toilet seat while she went over everything we had read in the I Want to Potty book. Except I didn’t want to potty. I just sat there for what seemed like an eternity, watching Mamma give me a pep talk about pee and poop. Really woman! I kept insisting I didn’t have to go. She finally gave up and put on my underwear. 15 seconds later I peed on the couch.


9:30 am: I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the furniture after that. Not that it made any difference. Half an hour later I peed all over the floor instead.


12 pm: A few more unsuccessful efforts, wet underwear and pee over toys and the floor. Lets not get into the gory details


1 pm: Post lunch, I really had to poop. Mamma could tell from the signs – me sitting quietly in the corner with a contorted face. She made a mad dash for me, made a heroic effort to pull my underwear off while scrambling for the toilet seat. Unfortunately I couldn’t hold it in any longer. There was poop all over her clothes and the floor.

While she was occupied scrubbing poop off her arms, I made full use of the opportunity to do something I’ve always been meaning to do anyway…pick the toilet spray and hose the whole place down. Needless to say, Mamma didn’t take this too well.


2pm: She gave up on the underwear and put me in a diaper for my afternoon nap.


4pm: The second I woke up, Mamma seemed to be back on a mission. The diaper was off and I could barely open my eyes before I was back on the toilet seat. Ok this is starting to get old! But this time I really did have to go and so I went. Yes it was that simple! First successful pee in the potty. Bring on the stickers! Mamma was elated and actually did a victory song and dance! I was showered with praise and encouragement. 


Big Boy Underwear - A Toilet Training Saga | Baby & Beyond

Big Boy Underwear – A Toilet Training Saga | Baby & Beyond


6pm: I felt my second poop of the day coming on strong. I had already started my business when Mamma noticed. Confidence regained after the last successful attempt, she decided to give it another go. She rushed me to the toilet seat, but honestly I couldn’t ‘go’ while she was sitting there watching me expectantly. I gave up mid-poop. After 15 minutes of discussing that poop goes in the toilet, not the diaper, Mamma gave up and we were back in underwear. I promptly hid behind the curtain and finished my business.

Unfortunately it was too much for the poor underwear of an active toddler to hold and I guess it sort of fell out at some point. I ended up leaving an unexpected surprise for whichever unsuspecting soul would happen to find it.


6:30pm: Sadly it was Papa. As soon as he entered the house, he went about sniffing around, trying to figure out where the foul smell is coming from. I was mildly embarrassed and mildly amused so I let him go on. He came across what he figured was a ball of modelling clay and decided to pick it up and move it out of the way and…well let me not gross you out anymore. Lets just say that saying he was livid would not be overstating it.

When Papa took me to the toilet for a change, I picked up where I had left off with the spray. I think that was the final straw.


7pm: Mission Aborted. Papa has declared that I am not ready for toilet training yet. I am back in diapers and the whole experiment has been indefinitely postponed. The underwear have vanished. I am using the toilet seat as a ride-on and gliding all over the house. We didn’t even last for 12 hours.

Our toilet training experience is actually a much longer saga. We started following Elimination Communication (EC) when Baby N was about 6 months old. This basically meant that we observed his patterns (post lunch, before bedtime) and signals (contorting his face) when he wanted to poop. We then followed his cues to help him ‘eliminate’ in the toilet seat. This is a gentle and respectful method of toilet training and one our parents and grandparents and ancestors before them probably followed when diapers weren’t so prevalent.


After a lot of trial and error, we finally managed to get our act together and Baby N was fully poop trained before his first birthday. I hate to admit that I was pretty smug, gloating about my super-baby and secretly my parenting skills, thinking other parents were unnecessarily making a big hoopla over toilet training. Onward and upward to pee-training. Or so I thought. Alas, a series of unfortunate events led us right back to square 1. Baby N completely forgot what the toilet seat even was and actually thought it was a new ride-on for him (I am not delving into too many details here because I have a post about my EC fails in my drafts since forever and I finally want to get around to publishing it once A to Z is through).


After N’s first birthday, I went back to work and he started daycare and the whole toilet training mission was abruptly abandoned. We did give some half-hearted attempts at toilet training in between and they went pretty much how Baby N has described in the post above (the modelling clay story is gross but sadly true!) Its only after N’s 2nd birthday that we have finally been consistent in our efforts and seen readiness from him too. At 2 years 1 month, he is pretty much in underwear at home, except when sleeping. Again I am saving the details for when he is fully toilet trained and then I’ll share the success story too 🙂


I am participating in the April A to Z blogging challenge

I am participating in the April A to Z blogging challenge


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  1. Namratha said on April 24, 2018 10:11 pm:

    That was so funny Mahak!!! I loved it. Being a mother of a kid that decide to pee in the toilet and then refused to poo in the toilet like waaaaay past his 3rd birthday, toilet training was a roller-coaster ride.

    Humourous write!

    1. Baby & Beyond said on April 24, 2018 10:26 pm:

      Oh no… Then I have a long long way to go 😫

  2. Anshu Bhojnagarwala said on April 25, 2018 8:43 pm:

    I can so relate to it…have had a few surprises myself 🙂