Baby N Goes On His First Long Drive

July 6, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Raising a Parent

Baby N Long Drive

Baby N turned 4 months last weekend. Taking advantage of the awesome weather in Mumbai these days, we decided to take him out for his first long drive. Rain played spoilsport and we didn’t make it out of the city but we had an exciting day. Baby N saw mountains, fish and even hens for the first time.

He loved zooming around in the car but HATED Mumbai traffic as much as any of us and SCREAMED in protest every time the car slowed down. Thankfully his ever-prepared parents were ready with a playlist of nursery rhymes and a bagful of rattles to distract him (high five Daddy N ? )

Baby gear we brought along for this mission:
Car seat
Baby carrier
U pillow
Sleep sack

Baby N’s preferred gear of choice to go to sleep:
Mommy’s arms

*Sigh* ???


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