A Letter from my One Year Old Baby

March 11, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Raising a Parent

letter from one year old

Last week Baby N turned a year old. Needless to say, it was a very emotional day for us. The whole week I went through phases of pride and elation, as also nostalgia and sadness at seeing him grow up so fast. At times I wondered where the time had flown and at times I felt like “hasn’t this always been my life?”…like I can’t remember a life where I was not Baby N’s mommy.

I was all set to write a letter to him just as I had done when he turned 6 months old, but I found it nearly impossible to put into words the whirlwind of emotions coursing through me. And then this fabulous thing happened: I woke up on the morning of his birthday and the first thing I saw was a letter to me from Baby N, penned by Daddy N. Absolutely made my whole day even more spectacular!

“Dear Mumma,
I chant Mumma-Mumma 24×7 because you have been an inspiration for me. Right from the time I was in your tummy till now when I’m one year old you have cuddled, loved, cared, played, taught, sang rhymes and read wonderful books to me.

You have been with me during tough times like vaccinations, stomach ouchies, teething, diaper rash… And we have had fun filled moments like music class, gym, crawling around the house, learning new words and playing new games.
I have enjoyed every trip with you, be it the bumpy drive of Bhandardhara or the trip up the mountains to Shimla or my first train ride to Chiplun or the short flight to Goa 🙂

You have always encouraged me to learn and explore – to eat on my own despite the mess I end up making, to crawl around exploring the house though you need to be on your feet constantly to make sure I don’t hurt myself, to poop in the poopy seat in spite of the occasional misses and false alarms, to be independent and sit by myself in my car seat or sleep in my cot.

I appreciate your patience and all the efforts you put in for me. I admire your strength and the way you have nurtured me. I promise that all your efforts for me will pay off one day and I will rise to have your values inculcated in me.

My giggles make you smile, my tears make you cry.. I express my love for you by gazing at you endlessly and giving you that cutesy smile 🙂
I wish to be cuddled by you forever…
Baby N”